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Seizan Yururi Tea pot- Cobalt Black | Imari Nabeshima Ware

Seizan Yururi Tea pot- Cobalt Black | Imari Nabeshima Ware

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A charming and petite Japanese modern-style teapot suitable for various scenes, whether it be for Japanese tea, black tea, or Chinese tea.

This series is characterized by applying an additional layer of glaze after the initial glazing process, allowing for the expression of unique textures in each individual piece.

About Seizangama

Since 1883, Seizangama has been developing with the rich climate of Okawachi Mountain in Imari, the secret village of the kiln. They continue to evolve in pursuit of the rich quality of pottery and lifestyle in modern culture while cherishing the Japanese aesthetic sense handed down by predecessors.

Note:The black streaks a The re a result of the manufacturing process. Due to the handmade nature of our craftsmanship, variations in color and slight discoloration may occur. Additionally, please note that colors may appear differently from the photos.


  • Dimension: H:9.5cm(3.7in) (including the handle)
    D:11.5cm(4.5in) (body)
    W:20cm(7.8in) (including the handle and spout)
    Capacity: 300cc
    Comes with a tea strainer
  • Porcelain Material: Porcelain
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Brand: Seizan







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