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Chopstick Rest Mt. Fuji

Chopstick Rest Mt. Fuji

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A cute chopstick rest of Mt. Fuji.

The chopstick rest keeps the chopsticks' end from contacting the tray or table. Chopstick rests can also improve the aesthetics of your table setting.

~ History of Japanese Chopsticks Culture ~

It is estimated that the Japanese started using chopsticks sometime between the Yayoi period and the Asuka period (3rd to 7th century). In the 7th century, envoys to China were entertained with a meal using chopsticks. Therefore, when the envoys came to Japan, they followed China and ate with chopsticks, which is thought to have been the beginning of the spread of chopsticks. Eventually, chopsticks gradually spread among the common people and evolved in their unique way in Japan.


Origin: China

Size: 11.8 x 7.8 x 9.8 inches

Material: ceramics

※ Due to the characteristics of ceramic products, size, and color may vary.

Style# 50843

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