Collection: Koransha

Discover the Timeless Elegance of Koransha Porcelain

Welcome to the world of Koransha, where traditional Japanese craftsmanship meets modern aesthetics. Originating from Arita in Saga Prefecture—where Japan's first porcelain was born in 1616—Koransha has been a part of the kiln industry for centuries, preserving its rich history and traditions to this day.


Inheriting the founding spirit of "refining product quality, pursuing beauty in form and decoration, maintaining cost-effectiveness, and preserving honor for perpetual profits," Koransha continually pushes the boundaries in materials, manufacturing techniques, and artistic expression.

Artistry Meets Functionality

Koransha's products are not just valuable as art pieces; they are also designed for everyday use. The beautiful designs and high-quality craftsmanship will captivate you from the moment you lay your hands on them.

Award-Winning Excellence

Koransha has been recognized globally, participating in numerous World Expositions and winning accolades such as commendations at the Philadelphia World Expo and gold awards at the Paris World Expo, among many other honors.

A Royal Connection

Established in 1896 as an official purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency, Koransha has been honored with the privilege of serving the Japanese Imperial Family, further establishing its reputation for quality and excellence.

International Acclaim

In 2019, Koransha received the Grand Prize for Best New Product at NY NOW, North America's largest lifestyle and gift trade show.

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