Collection: Suikaen - Takayama Chasen

Takayama Chasen: A Legacy of Japanese Tea Whisks

Nestled in the historic heart of Nara Takayama, our tea whisks, known as Takayama Chasen, are a testament to a tradition that dates back over 530 years. Originating from an idea by the monk Juko at Nara's Shomyoji Temple, our Chasen are crafted with unparalleled skill passed down through generations at Suikaen by Yasaburo Tanimura.

Takayama is renowned for producing the majority of Japan's Chasen, thanks to its climate that's ideal for cultivating the quality bamboo used in our whisks. Each Chasen is a product of the winter's meticulous process, where selected bamboo from the Kinki region is sun-dried and temperature-conditioned to achieve the perfect texture.

At the core of our craftsmanship is the Japanese spirit of "Omotenashi," reflecting the subtlety and depth of tea ceremony culture. This ethos of hospitality emphasizes thoughtful preparation and the art of welcoming guests without imposing, embodied in every tea ceremony where our Chasen plays a pivotal role in creating a moment detached from the mundane, focusing solely on the enjoyment of tea.

Takayama's legacy as a center for Chasen production since the Muromachi period remains unchanged, with the rhythmic sounds of crafting blending harmoniously with nature. Our commitment is to continue conveying this heritage, honoring the land, craftsmanship, and community that have shaped this local industry.

Discover the essence of Japanese "Omotenashi" and the art of tea with Takayama Chasen, where history, craftsmanship, and nature converge.