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Seizan Kakewake Round Box - White | Imari Nabeshima Ware

Seizan Kakewake Round Box - White | Imari Nabeshima Ware

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A small two-tiered bento box born from the popular Kake-wake series. The point is that the inside and outside are coated with different glazes, creating a two-tone color. It can be used not only for cooking and sweets but also as an interior accessory.

Kake-wake" is a traditional technique of applying glaze separately to celadon and white porcelain. At Aoyama Kiln, we were among the first in the region to adopt the technique of "expressing patterns with glaze," which has grown into a popular series. The patterns feature traditional 'karakusa' (arabesque). Enjoy the fusion of tradition and modernity, and delight in our innovative designs.

About Seizangama

Since 1883, Seizangama has been developing with the rich climate of Okawachi Mountain in Imari, the secret village of the kiln. They continue to evolve in pursuit of the rich quality of pottery and lifestyle in modern culture while cherishing the Japanese aesthetic sense handed down by predecessors.


  • Dimension: Lid:10cm(3.9in)
    First tier:10cm(3.9in)xH3cm(1.1in)
    Second tier:8.5cm(3.3in)xH3.8cm(1.4in)
    Total length:H7.5cm(2.9in)
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Origin: Made in Japan  
  • Brand: Seizan



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