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Iron Nambu - Tekki Kettle

Iron Nambu - Tekki Kettle

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Iron Nambu - Tekki Kettle

Style: Ts422

This tea kettle is a masterpiece designed by caster, Rikucho Ogasawara (1929-2012).  While the design and material make it a substantial addition to the kitchen, the curved body and elegant handle of this kettle make it a beautiful statement piece for your home.  By using a cast-iron kettle, the water boiled inside is able to absorb iron nutrients, mineralizing it for a sweeter, better-tasting tea while alleviating iron deficiencies for your body.  This kettle is gas stove and IH stove safe

Nambu Tekki cast iron is one of the officially certified traditional crafts of Japan. It is made by pouring molten iron into molds. Until his passing in 2012, Rikuchou Ogasawara worked for over 60 years, designing and producing a range of household accessories at his workroom in Iwate Prefecture.

Holds 33.8 ounces
6" D x 4" H (8" H w/handle)

Cast iron
Lacquer (urushi) finish

Care Instructions:
Store in a dry area and keep the inside completely dry when not in use.  Do not leave any standing water inside or it will cause the inside to rust.  Chipping and wearing off of the urushi may occur naturally with use.  If moisture makes contact with these areas, you may see rust.  Rust is not harmful, and is best avoided by keeping away from moisture.

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