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Chasen Holder - Chasen-date, Magenaoshi - White

Chasen Holder - Chasen-date, Magenaoshi - White

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The Importance of the Chasen Holder

 The Chasen holder is a simple but a very important tool which helps prolong the longevity of your Chasen. It has two essential functions.

 1. One is that it helps maintain the shape of the Chasen. The Chasen's shape is naturally inclined to straighten out and become it's original straight bamboo form. Once this happens, it's difficult to spread the prongs and make it look like a Chasen again. The shape of the Chasen holder allows the Chasen to maintain the spread.

 2. The second function is that it allows the Chasen to be rested upside down with the prongs facing down, right after its use. This allows the water and humidity to trickle down towards the end of the prongs and drop off and dry. More importantly, it keeps the water from trickling up towards the string of the Chasen. When this happens, it can build odor, which is very difficult to remove. The rule of thumb is to avoid the string of the Chasen from getting wet.

~ About Suikaen ~

The Chasen master Tanimurasan of Suikaen is one of the only seventeen existing Chasen Craftsman in Japan. The traditional process of Chasen making protected and passed along for more than 500 years is purely natural and chemical free. This is important as the scent of the Chasen effects the delicate taste of the Matcha.
The products you see here are made from premium quality Japan grown Henon Bamboo of two to three years of age. That's the perfect age for the bamboo to be used for Chasen. The chemical free oil draining, and the subsequent drying and strengthening process which sits the bamboo in the cold January mountains of Takayama for 2 months gives the bamboo a beautiful gloss and glow. The bamboo tea tools of Suikaen are surely worth a try.

*tea whisk is NOT included in this product.

Origin: Japan

Material: Pottery

Style# 32

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