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Aina Furoshiki Strap

Aina Furoshiki Strap

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With these handles, you can easily transform your furoshiki into a bag.

This product will continue to age naturally and develop its unique beauty and characteristics as you use it.

~ History of Furoshiki ~

The origin of the furoshiki is said to be the steam bath in the middle ages. People wrapped their clothes in a cloth when they took them off at the bath. People also sat on the fabric after the bath to wipe their bodies, as "furo" means "bath," and "shiki" means "spread" in Japanese.
In Edo, merchants and travelers began using furoshiki to carry their luggage. By the Meiji period (1868-1912), it is said to have become an everyday item, much like a bag is today.
Recently, furoshiki has been reevaluated as an eco-friendly item. It also attracts overseas, where it is called "furoshiki wrap" in English, and its various uses are introduced.

Material: Genuine leather.

Compatibility: Asagi furoshiki, and any furoshiki.

Origin: Kyoto, Japan



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