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Stylelikeu, created by mother-daughter team Elisa Goodkindand Lily Mandelbaum, goes way beyond the now ubiquitousand static poses of street-fashion bloggers The Sartorialist,Face Hunter, and all the rest, and instead, brings us into thehomes-and more importantly the closets-of the most stylishpeople on the streets of New York, Los Angeles, London, andmore.

Not interested in celebrities and the stylists who dress them,Elisa and Lily have an uncanny knack for finding and gainingthe trust of people who march to the beat of their own, verychic, drummer. Often spending up to three hours with themost daring and original dressers they can find, Stylelikeuphotographs each fashionable person in several different looksof the subject's choosing.

To probe deeper into each subject's personal style, theyconduct intimate interviews on their ambitions, influences, anddreams, making each portrait so much more than yet anotherstreet photograph. From the most personal pieces in theirsubjects' wardrobes, to the favorite books on their shelves,to the most precious objects in their houses, Stylelikeu goesfar beyond mere appearances to showcase how creativity isfostered and manifested by living in the most stylish way of all:true to oneself.

Trumpeted in the press for Elisa and Lily's departure from thetop-down nature of mass-market fashion, where the editorsof popular fashion magazines tell consumers what is stylish,Stylelikeu represents the vanguard of a new, DIY, fashion-mediaparadigm. It is a bold and inspirational experiment,documenting fashion at its source-the individual.

A few of the 1000+ comments left by fans of the Stylelikeuwebsite: "Was just talking about how he NEEDED to be on thissite. So amazing." "I find her absolutely mesmerizing. She isso full of life and charm. She has a wonderfully contagiousspirit. She is such an inspiration and I would love to be like hersomeday." "I love that you guys feature such a diverse group ofpeople-all ages, races, sizes, budgets. It shows how everyonecan have style." "I don't have any words to describe howamazing those two girls are! They are the true inspiration forall the girls in this entire universe!"

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