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Toumei - Haku Comamezara celebration Maple

Toumei - Haku Comamezara celebration Maple

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Material: Acrylic resin, foil
Heat resistance: 80°
Body size: φ80xh10mm
Body weight: 14g
Package size: φ80xh10mm
Package weight: 14g

Do not use the dishwasher.


Masterfully Crafted Acrylic Chopsticks Rests by toumei

Tokyo-based acrylic company toumei, Japanese for “transparent”, prides itself in producing the highest quality made in Japan acrylic resin products. They are led by a team of young designers and veterans of resin processing professionals from Masuki co., Ltd – best known for their excellence in resin products. By combining traditional designs and production techniques with modern engineering, toumei is able to expand the potentials of acrylic art and provide beautiful products for everyday use.

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