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Toumei - Oshibana soapdish - Carnation_Leon Salmone

Toumei - Oshibana soapdish - Carnation_Leon Salmone

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The brand "toumei" is based on the professional resin processing group "​Masuki co.,ltd." It's creation is done by a tag between skillful young designers and traditional craftsman, creating Japanese products with a new sense of style.

Oshibana Series

Oshibana means pressed flowers in Japanese and evokes the preservation and appreciation of a special moment in time, whether that be receiving a bouquet from a loved one or seeing the first bloom during spring time.

The oshibana maintains its beauty forever and is perfect as a gift to someone special, or to simply lighten up a dining room table. These acrylic chopstick rests feature a design meant to evoke an actual pressed flower, which provides a tangible sense of realness. The tops of the chopsticks rests are finished with a matte coating which lends them a stained-glass effect.

Note: There is a risk of the print peeling off if rubbed with strong force or alcohol. When washing, please use a soft sponge or similar gentle method.


  • Dimension:100mm(3.9in)×H8mm(0.3in)
  • Material: Acrylic resin, foil
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Brand: Toumei



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