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Kaya - Dish Cloth - Flower Blue

Kaya - Dish Cloth - Flower Blue

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This "Kaya fukin" is a cloth made of mosquito net fabric carefully woven in Nara Prefecture, the only remaining mosquito net production area in Japan, and embroidered and printed in Wakayama Prefecture.
The cloth is initially stiff and taut because of the glue, but it shrinks noticeably when the glue is removed with lukewarm water or hot water.
The result is a soft, fluffy, and supple texture. It also has excellent water absorbency (1.3 times that of cotton), dries quickly, and is durable.

Recommended Use: Range cloth, kitchen cloth, housewarming gift, wedding gift, birthday gift, Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift, elderly person's day gift, birth gift gift

Origin: Japan.

Size: 11.8 in x 11.8 in

Material: Cotton 100%(print side), Rayon 100%(inside)

Style# 58191245

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