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Satsuma Ware | Ichirin Vase

Satsuma Ware | Ichirin Vase

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About Satsuma Ware:

Satsuma Ware used to be very precious and exclusive with the Satsuma Lords. Since the Meiji Restoration at the end of the 19th century, it has come into common use. The ware is characterized by a yellowish body covered by fine cracks. The surface displays colorful enameled designs. The items, such as the elaborate incense burners, in relief, or in open work, are excellently crafted and individually unique!
Proficient potter's techniques insure proper shaping of the pottery on the wheel and superb painting skills finish the work perfectly! Satsuma Ware is appreciated as among the best industrial artworks of Japan.


  • Dimension: D6.5cm(2.5in)×H6.5cm(2.5in)
  • Size of opening: D2.5cm(0.9in)
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Origin: Made in Japan  
  • Brand: Gyokutozan


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