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Kosengama - Killifish Celadon Plate

Kosengama - Killifish Celadon Plate

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Kosengama - Killifish Celadon Plate


It was made using natural ores from Mt. Okawachi, the domain kiln of the Hizen Nabeshima clan. Nabeshima celadon has been produced since the Nabeshima clan moved to Okawachi Mountain, Imari City, 300 years ago.
The natural luster of the blue-green color gives this celadon porcelain a mysterious beauty and rich and elegant tints.

Size: 9in x 5.8in x 0.7in

Material:  Porcelain / Celadon

Weight: 11.7oz

Made in Japan


About Kosengama

Nabeshima ware was known as a major gift to the shogun family during the Edo period. Kosengama is working to establish Nabeshima ware culture for the next 100 years while inheriting its techniques and culture and creating vessels that suit modern life.

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