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Motoshige Mortars - White

Motoshige Mortars - White

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This ceramic mortar bowl in white is both functional and beautiful. Made out of traditional Iwami clay, the bowl is scored in such a way to bring ingredients to the center of the bowl while mixed. This efficient design saves time and strength while mixing. The silicone base of this mortar bowl prevents it from moving around while in use. Perfect for crushing nuts and seeds, making salad dressing, grinding herbs and spices, and even making guacamole. Beautiful as a serving vessel once your grinding is complete!


Size: 2.4 in x 4.3 in ⌀


Motoshige, a manufacturer of Japanese mortars and graters, was established in 1925 in the tradition of Iwami pottery. The region in which they are made is known for having a special type of clay whose properties include excellent durability, low water absorbency and resistance to acids, salt, and alkalis.

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