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Lune Noir LA

Tea Whisk - 100 prongs

Tea Whisk - 100 prongs

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Tea Whisk - 100 prongs

Description: Lune Noir's original Tea Whisk.

Tea whisk, "chasen" in Japanese, is an essential tool when preparing matcha. 100 prongs create a nice rich foam of matcha.

Chasen's material, bamboo, is what makes it effective.  

Bamboo can be shaped into delicate prongs that can thoroughly mix water and fine matcha powder. 

Bamboo has the strength to resist breaking easily and the springiness to agitate it quickly while being soft enough to prevent damage to your bowl.

~ About Japanese tea ceremony ~

The tea ceremony has been an essential part of Japanese traditional culture. In Japanese, the ceremony is called 茶道 (sado), which means "the way of tea." 茶道 is not only about entertaining the guests by preparing tea, but it is also about a wide range of fields, including the tea utensils, the architecture of the tea room, calligraphy for hanging scrolls in the tokonoma (alcove), food (dishes and sweets), flower decorations, and the art of tea ceremony etiquette. Through the integrated art of 茶道, it values the interaction between the host and guests with an open heart.

Material: bamboo

Care: Not suitable for microwave, dishwasher, and oven.

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