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Toumei - Haku Mamezara Set of 2 in Wooden Box <ha>

Toumei - Haku Mamezara Set of 2 in Wooden Box <ha>

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The brand "toumei" is based on the professional resin processing group "​Masuki co.,ltd." It's creation is done by a tag between skillful young designers and traditional craftsman, creating Japanese products with a new sense of style.

Based on acrylic resin, the brand creates hand-made items that unleashes the potential of the material. Mainly combining acryic resin with natural materials such as wood and different materials by foil stamping, and by using original graphics. The elegant design makes it easy to coordinate with tables, and the paulownia wood box makes it a great gift on its own or together with glasses and chopsticks.


  • Dimension:110mm(4.3)xH10mm(0.3in)
  • Heat resistance: 80(℃)176(℉)
  • Material: Acrylic resin, foil
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Brand: Toumei

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