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Urushi Soup Bowl - Bright Green

Urushi Soup Bowl - Bright Green

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Soup bowl in Japanese traditional color finished with Urushi, a material that is transformative and highly valued

~ About Japanese Traditional colors ~

Japanese traditional colors have been handed down from ancient times. Those colors are slightly different from the primary colors.
In Japan, a country rich in nature, in each season, a variety of "colors" are shown, such as the colors of flowers and grass, trees, the sky, and mountains. The Japanese sensed the subtle hues created by the beauty of nature and the culture nurtured there, and gave them names. This is how traditional colors were born.

Color: 若葉色"Wakaba-iro (Bright green)

Origin: Japan

Care: Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Size: 4.2in x 4.2in x H2.7in

Material: PET/ABS resin

Style# 60190052

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